Friday, July 20, 2012

Peeking from behind the bench

This is Alfalfa's favorite place to stay while I sit on the bench next to the lake.  He hides from the other ducks and geese, peeking from behind the bench.  We're convinced that Alfalfa does not know he is a duck.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A happy dance by Alfalfa?

Alfalfa still peeps when I walk away from him when we're outside.  He's OK when he's inside because he still has his stuffed monkey :)  While I was in the house getting my camera, Alfalfa jumped onto our stone wall next to my daughter.  He'd never done that so I snapped a pic of him as I got to the last step.  By the time my camera focused for a second pic Alfalfa was on the ground peeping at me.  Glad I got my picture!

When my husband saw the picture he asked why Alfalfa looked so happy.  My daughter said Alfalfa was all excited to see me.  So, I guess that makes this pic his happy dance.


Can ducks be photogenic?

So cute!

Mmmmm Water!

I've got my eye on you.

Looks like fun!