Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cautiously waiting

We are still watching egg #2.  But, sadly, we have not seen any movement in a couple days.  We are waiting a little longer because ........ if, on the outside chance, there is a duck in there that is resting before m aking the final journey to the outside world, we'll just have to be a little patient.  Better safe than sorry.   After all, Alfalfa did not hatch until just over day 31.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day including first outing for Alfalfa

Alfalfa's first Memorial Day!  Relaxing morning in his tub followed by an outdoor excursion!

First the morning.  Just chillin 
I love the way he stretches!

And, now for a modified version of his stretch.

And, a standing stretch making his right leg look tremendously long

It looks like he's giving the monkey a kiss.  Awwww.

Then he went out onto the brick patio.  The sunny area was either too hot or too different.  So, we put him on the shady part of the patio.  Because he was still upset and peeping loudly, running around frantically, my girls took turns sitting in the penned in area with Alfalfa.  MUCH better. 
A real nail biter

Awwwww.  Felt better



Step away from the monkey.

I wonder how long he'll be attached to his monkey.  Will he take it on dates with other ducks?

A duck and his monkey.

Tooooo cute!

Couldn't resist this pic!

Still so small but determined.

So adorable!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Update on egg #2

We took the second egg off of the egg turner last evening.  Just around noon today we saw the egg start to rock back and forth.  Took pics before we took the egg out of the turner and afterwards.  Makeshift shades placed on incubator last night.  There's a small hole on the narrow end of the egg.  However, I'm almost certain the duck didn't make the hole.  Not sure how or when it occurred.  But, since the egg is rocking back and forth at times, hopefully everything will be OK.  I'll continue to take pics in hopes of showing how the hatching progresses.              

Sunday, Alfalfa's one week old.

We can't believe how much he's grown in one week!

Look how tall he is!  Compared to his first, newly hatched, pics.

Love those webbed feet!

Sooooo cute!  I guess what makes him appear so tall is that he sometimes stretches his neck out, adding a few inches to his height.

Saturday, Alfalfa 6 days old

His favorite pose

so cute!

snuggled next to his monkey

Based on his large feet that get in his way sometimes, I wonder if he/she will be as big as the father is

I think he's actually resting his beak/bill on his tiny little wing!  Hooray!  Looks like his wings are getting bigger!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Alfalfa - 5 days old

5 days old.  And, in 5 more days Alfalfa should be the older sibling.
Today Alfalfa spent some time in a smaller tote/tub while his bedding was changed

New experiences are made easier when you have your stuffed animals/security blankets!

Although he looks like he's talking to his monkey I think he was looking at the towel tag and trying to bite it.

Standing on the towel, reaching his beak as far as he can stretch his neck......  Just checking to see if he could reach the top??

He made it.  Finally was able to grab the towel tag

4 days old (Thursday)

4 days old.  Getting so big!  Eating and drinking more.  Prefers his food with some water in it rather than dry although he will eat some dry food out of my hand at times.  Still loving his monkey.

way too cute not to post

Just melts my heart.

It won't be long before Alfalfa is too big to sit or lay on top of his monkey.  These are the oh, so cute pics.

At this young age Alfalfa doesn't have any wings to tuck his beak under so his head kind of slides down until it becomes uncomfortable or it wakes him up.  Or both.

A definite "remember when" pic.......  "Remember when Alfalfa was so tiny his stuffed animal was bigger than he was".

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Alfalfa - 3 days old with his new best friend

It happens to all mothers at some point.  They no longer are the center of the universe to their children.  In this case, surrogate mother to a duckling.  Alfalfa is either sleeping next to his new stuffed monkey, sitting next to the monkey, eating or drinking.  He no longer needs me to hold him and prefers that I don't.  Which is a good thing, actually.  I will always have my fond memories.  And shortly Alfalfa will have a sibling to pal around with.  If all goes well with the next egg hatching.

So, here are some pics of Alfalfa @ 3 days old:

My favorite 3 day old pose :)

Still cute!

It's a miracle I get anything done.  I will find almost any excuse to peek in on him.  While I still can.


Now it's time to eat or drink!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2 day old duckling

This morning my daughter gave our little duckling a monkey stuffed animal (safe, intended for pets).  How precious that this is what I saw when I looked into his tub.

Then, after he woke up I got some pics of how he's discovered how much he likes food and water!   I had tried to get such pics last night but the infrared heat light just gave off a red glow and all my pics were pink.  Who would know???  He loves dashing back and forth from the food to the water.  It was harder to get clear pics than I'd thought because he was moving so fast!

So cute, moving back and forth from water to food.

You'd hardly know that yesterday and the day before he was not too interested in eating.  Now he's chowing down.  OK.  Baby duck version of chowing down.

Gotta love the way he hangs his head over the rim of the water

Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday, May 21, One Day Old Duckling

Having hatched on Sunday, May 20th at 2:30am, I'd presume that today our little duckling is one day old.
 Although it's hard to take his picture - every time he sees me he starts peeping loudly and jumping up high against the side of the tub - I tried to sneak up and snap a few pics of him while he was quieter.

What a great place to rest.  Food in front of you and drink by your side.

Trying not to let him see me. 

Uh, oh.  I think he hears or sees something.


Fighting sleep again.

Sooo close to nodding off.

Not doing anything but resting and managing to look so cute!