Monday, August 6, 2012

Alfalfa in the Lake :)

My daughter was successful in getting Alfalfa into the Lake by standing in the lake with waders on and either coaxing him into the water or picking Alfalfa up and putting him in the water.  However, Alfalfa still is not really interested in interacting with other ducks and Alfalfa rarely will give any eye contact to any ducks or geese although he's aware of their presence.  After all, in order to ignore and not look at someone you have to know where they are and where not to look.  :)

Alfalfa swimming ever so close to my daughter who is standing in the lake with waders on.

The important thing is that Alfalfa is still in the water.

Notice that Alfalfa has not turned around to face other ducks in the lake.

We're pleased that he likes to drink from the lake and look for food in the lake.  Yeah!

Oh.  He's turned away from the wall.  Maybe he's casually checking to see what the other ducks are doing?

Four baby mallards came over to check things out and Alfalfa is not leaving his post.

Alfalfa puts his head on our lap when he wants some help/sympathy

Seems not to mind being in the lake..... as long as he's close to my daughter.

Funny, Alfalfa normally isn't THAT close to any of us.  :)

Once again, Alfalfa won't acknowledge the Call Ducks.  He doesn't seem to realize that his behavior towards them only encourages them to pick on him :(

Huh.  All the Call Ducks are seeing is the back of Alfalfa's head and his tail feathers.

Alfalfa got his wish, I guess.  The Call Ducks eventually got bored and left.  You can lead a duck to water.......

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